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colorful bedWhen it comes to Weed Control, Mosquito Control, and Shrub Care; the experts at GrassRoots are here to provide you with exceptional service and results. We understand the impact that a robust weed-free and pest-free lawn can have, so we strive hard to create the very best environment for you and your family. Our technicians work diligently to address your property’s individual needs and ensure complete satisfaction. After all, you work hard and we believe your hard-earned money deserves noticeable results that you can enjoy and be proud of.

Our service is customized with your grass type, topographical conditions and seasonal effects in mind. No other company offers an all inclusive program like we do. We match that with the best products, techniques and staff in the industry to ensure your lawn is getting the most effective care possible.

Each service visit starts with a thorough inspection of your property identifying concerns present and removing any toys and other items which may interfere with the service. Your technician will also ring your doorbell and answer any questions you may have. Next your technician will apply the necessary treatment to address the concerns found as well as provide proactive care keeping your property looking its best. Each service concludes with a real-time email report from your technician with details of their findings, products applied and any follow-up action that may be necessary. Finally, your technician will re-evaluate your property before leaving to make sure your gate is closed and your property is secured.

Below is an illustration showing the benefits of our service compared to others.

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 knockout rosesYear-round care provides the best possible outcome for your lawn, but what about the trees and shrubs that are a part of your landscape? If you’ve ever had to replace a mature tree or shrub with a like-size plant, you know it can be a very expensive proposition. While our lawn care program results in seeing weeds die, our Tree & Shrub program is like an insurance policy to ensure you don’t see trees and shrubs die.

Our program is customized to accommodate the different types of shrubs and trees in your landscape and consists of 6 applications. Included in the program are seasonal fertilizations, insecticides, miticides, fungicides and horticultural oils. All of these treatments are designed to prevent damage before it occurs so that your landscape stays healthy and beautiful all season long.

 aeration machineCore Aeration is a process by which small plugs of soil are removed from the lawn using a machine called an aerator. Core aeration is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn because the growing medium in Georgia consists of red clay. Due to the clay’s characteristics, water, fertilizer and oxygen have a difficult time reaching the turf’s roots to provide it with the essentials that it needs to grow and be healthy. 

Once aerated, roots are able to spread out more and grow stronger which ultimately leads the turf to be more resilient to foot traffic and better able to handle longer periods of heat and drought. By reducing soil compaction, aeration also reduces water runoff and thatch buildup. This service should be performed every spring.

 mosquito skinLiving in the South, there’s no doubt that we get more than our fair share of mosquitoes. These bloodsucking pests are not only annoying and put a damper on outside fun, but they also present a health risk. Mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus, the Zika Virus and other diseases that cause fevers, flu-like symptoms, skin irritation and even infections. The mosquito season runs from April through October . Our NoSkeetoz program is designed to give you and your family protection from mosquitoes so you can enjoy your outdoor living space all season long. The program is customized to your home and property needs.

Our plan of attack covers mosquito prevention and control from various life cycles. At the start, we walk your landscape looking for signs of infestation and for vulnerable areas that could become breeding grounds. We build a perimeter of protection around your home which includes insect growth regulators and then educate you on things you can do to help lower your risk of mosquito infestation. The service includes 9 applications over the 7-month season and comes with our unlimited service call guarantee. Should you see mosquitos between applications, we are happy to come out and retreat at no additional charge.

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