Mosquito Control

Living in the South, there’s no doubt that we get more than our fair share of mosquitoes. These bloodsucking pests are not only annoying and put a damper on outside fun, but they also present a health risk. Mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus, the Zika Virus and other diseases that cause fevers, flu-like symptoms, skin irritation and even infections. The mosquito season runs from April through October . Our NoSkeetoz program is designed to give you and your family protection from mosquitoes so you can enjoy your outdoor living space all season long. The program is customized to your home and property needs.

Our plan of attack covers mosquito prevention and control from various life cycles. At the start, we walk your landscape looking for signs of infestation and for vulnerable areas that could become breeding grounds. We build a perimeter of protection around your home which includes insect growth regulators and then educate you on things you can do to help lower your risk of mosquito infestation. The service includes 9 applications over the 7-month season and comes with our unlimited service call guarantee. Should you see mosquitos between applications, we are happy to come out and retreat at no additional charge.

Photo of mosquito on skin

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Grass Roots is always concerned and willing to rectify any concerns we may have with our lawn. They have always done a superb job maintaining our lawn, thus the reason we have been with them for... Read More

Very good service. He even picked up the pig farm (dog toys) before spraying. He's great!

Always great service.

Didn't know the tech was coming so I had not blown leaves off of my lawn yet. Chris showed up and did it for me plus he blew them off my driveway as well. All with a smile. Thanks much.

Tech explained what was accomplished and what needed to be done in the event that no rain was in the forecast. Also provided us with advice in preparation for next year's growing season.

Kevin is very caring and courteous, he will take the time to explain what he will be doing for your lawn and what to look forward to and how to treat it!!!