Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a process by which small plugs of soil are removed from the lawn using a machine called an aerator. Core aeration is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn because the growing medium in Georgia consists of red clay. Due to the clay’s characteristics, water, fertilizer and oxygen have a difficult time reaching the turf’s roots to provide it with the essentials that it needs to grow and be healthy. 

Once aerated, roots are able to spread out more and grow stronger which ultimately leads the turf to be more resilient to foot traffic and better able to handle longer periods of heat and drought. By reducing soil compaction, aeration also reduces water runoff and thatch buildup. This service should be performed every spring.

Photo of Aerator

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Grass Roots is always concerned and willing to rectify any concerns we may have with our lawn. They have always done a superb job maintaining our lawn, thus the reason we have been with them for... Read More

Very good service. He even picked up the pig farm (dog toys) before spraying. He's great!

Always great service.

Didn't know the tech was coming so I had not blown leaves off of my lawn yet. Chris showed up and did it for me plus he blew them off my driveway as well. All with a smile. Thanks much.

Tech explained what was accomplished and what needed to be done in the event that no rain was in the forecast. Also provided us with advice in preparation for next year's growing season.

Kevin is very caring and courteous, he will take the time to explain what he will be doing for your lawn and what to look forward to and how to treat it!!!