Are You Ready For a Beautiful Lawn Year-Round?

Do you want your lawn to look greener and healthier? Wish you could spend less time working in the yard and more time enjoying it? We can help! Our professional lawn care service in the Atlanta area will relieve you of the time, effort, and stress it takes to maintain a beautiful lawn year-round. Get personalized care from our licensed, highly-trained and friendly specialists who know what it takes to create an immaculate lawn in every season!

Personalized Lawn Care Program in Atlanta

lawn care in Atlanta, Georgia

A healthy lawn is not only your own private oasis where you relax and your kids can play, it's also the first thing guests notice about your home. Put your trust in our professional, top-of-the-line lawn care technicians in Atlanta to provide a healthy, well-fertilized lawn for you. Our lawn care professionals will identify issues in your yard and incorporate the necessary solutions to keep your lawn looking its absolute best! You won't have to worry any longer.

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Get Rid of Weeds Once and For All

Do you have persistent weeds in your lawn? Weeds can not only make your lawn look unsightly, they also interfere with the growth of your grass by preventing it from getting the proper nutrients and sunlight. In order to tackle this problem, our fall and spring pre-emergent herbicides control weeds by forming barriers, preventing them from ever sprouting in the first place. We also apply post-emergent solutions and spot treat your lawn to get rid of persistent weeds like crabgrass that can take over your entire lawn without the proper treatments. Although weeds may seem impossible to manage, we always say: where there is a will, there is a way!

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Keep Your Lawn Vibrant

Many homeowners may not realize this, but fertilization is another important factor to maintaining a lawn that is both lush and green. Before we fertilize your lawn, we conduct extensive soil testing to determine the amount of nutrients required for your specific lawn. Once this test has been conducted, we will develop a fertilization schedule, depending on both the quality of your soil, and the time of year. Well timed fertilization enables your lawn to resist weeds, pests, and diseases while remaining green and dense. Our number one priority is getting you the most beautiful lawn on the block!

Revamp Your Lawn With Aeration and Seeding

Did you know aeration and seeding services create more space for your grass to grow and thrive? Aeration opens up space for water and fertilizer to reach the roots ultimately increasing the health of your grass. It also allows new seeds to take root, creating a fuller lawn. Aeration removes signs of wear and makes your lawn more attractive and durable! Think of it as giving your lawn a breath of fresh air.

Why Choose GrassRoots?

GrassRoots provides a comprehensive lawn care package to all of our clients, which includes eight different applications over the course of the year. We customize our packages specifically for the Atlanta metro area so that your lawn receives exactly what it needs at the correct time of year. We have dealt extensively with the removal of pesky plants like crabgrass, dallis grass, and clovers, and are well-equipped to undertake projects of any size. Moreover, we will customize every one of our lawn care treatments to suit your lawn’s needs! 

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Personalize Your Lawn Program

You can protect, nourish & prepare your grass for the change in seasons while keeping it full and vibrant with our program!

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